Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For the Record...

Some Kind of Health Expert
I just want to let everyone know that if my previous entries sound like I'm some kind of MS expert, well, I'm far from it... I just started this journey about 6 months ago, when I was diagnosed. As I trace back my health history, I think it's likely that I've had this condition for about 12 years (can you tell I have a hard time with this? I don't like to say I have _ _; I refer to it as "this condition").

The "Program"
I am sharing the things that I'm implementing in my own "program." I put the word program in quotes because that's the first time I've thought of it as a program - the vitamins, organic foods, and so forth - these things are simply becoming my way of life.

I Started My Program Slow
After receiving my diagnosis fom the neurologist, my general doctor (who originally sent me to the neurologist) said to me that if he were me, what he would do is start eating organic fruits and veggies and simple foods (not man-made; he specifically mentioned to stay away from crackers and breads - both foods that contain many ingredients). He also mentioned juicing would be good so the body gets lots of vitamins. He explained that my body could focus on healing and improving. He said it simply can't hurt to eat like this. The words of my general doctor launched what would become my new way of eating.

I'm so thankful to my general doctor for starting me on the right path. As I learn more about natural healing, I realize there is hope in abating symptoms caused by MS. I cannot ignore the testimonies of those people who suffered the effects of MS, and through years of nutrition, vitamins, acupuncture, and so forth, they are living normal lives (certainly more normal than if they had not implemented natural healing remedies).

I confess, I'm not completely 100% organic yet.
For economic reasons, my husband buys regular chicken. It goes on sale often, and we'll stock up on four packages or so. When I cook chicken and veggie fajitas for my husband, I will take a bite here and there. Four months ago, that was a different story...

When I was first learning about hormones and pesticides in foods, I stopped eating many foods which contained them. In conjunction with the shock and depression that I went through when I found out I had this, I stopped eating many foods because I didn't know if they would hurt me. I became a little bit afraid of some foods and I lost about 30 lbs. in 5 months (which is a good thing for me). Eventually, I would take a bite of chicken here and there because it's more important to get enough nutrition than it is to be afraid of a few hormones. I try to keep a sensible mind during this process - do what you can within reason, yet strive to be a "purist" since it can only help.

In my next entry, I will share what I've learned about Complimentary and Alternative Medecine (CAM).

God bless,

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